Your 4 Music Career Tips for Success in 2017

Read about 4 Music Career steps for Success right here!
1. Learn other skills
-Graphic design
-Brand Creator
-other skills that go along with the music industry so you can use as leverage or trade to further your music career.

2. Have other income
-That feeds your music career
-whatever you make reinvest in your music career
Have goals and a plan
-have a solid fan base of 500
-perform and do shows in 3 major cities
-have a viral hit of 500k views/listens
-have a major feature
-get radio play

3. Have Gols and a plan

4. Have a good product -You may need to have a quality song produced, have it reviewed by a professional engineer, create a quality music video and then do marketing to the right audience and then repeat.

You have to have alot of skills or resources these days to compete. Contact us today for your music promotion needs and advice:
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