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A man in his 50s was found collapsed while exercising in the park in the morning. The video was made available online on May 13. The videographer revealed that it was 8:20 a.m. when the man was found.

Police: How long has it been?

Man: 10 minutes.

Police: Why didn’t you call 120 (First responders/Ambulance)?

Man: We did. We first called 120 and then we called 110 (police).

Man: We did. We won’t wait for you (police) to call. You (police) are so slow. How can you say we didn’t call 120?

Police: Does anyone know his family?

First Responders: When did this happen?

Man: 15 minutes ago.

First Responders: He’s stopped breathing. Does anyone know him?

The following day, a man collapsed to the ground in front of a community entrance in Wuhan. He seemed to be walking with his wife before he fell. The community is adjacent to a local shopping zone.

Guard wearing a red armband:
Leave as soon as you have finished shopping or finished your chores. Do not stay here to watch.

Wuhan, the epicenter of CCP virus, lifted its lockdown policy on April 8. But new confirmed cases were again reported in Wuhan on May 11. Authorities said the small cluster of cases were all from the same residential compound.

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