Workout Deload Week [Morning Motivation]

Workout deload week – the essential component for progress and most people get this concept wrong. Today we’re talking about how to deloud your body for maximum results.

Deload usually refers to a period of time during a program where by there’s a planned reduction in total volume to allow the body to addapt to exercise stimulus.

In our case, we take it a little further … we certainly reduce total workout volume. But we also program in remedial therapies, adjust diet and slightly alter our nutrition supplement protocols to aid in recovery.

The key to deloading properly, which we discuss in today’s show, is to earn it. But this we mean, design a program that puts your body into an overreaching state referred to as super accumulation. Then, by the time it’s time to deload, you really need it. And you actually benefit from it.

In todays Morning Motivation show we teach you how to recover properly by performing a proper, periodized deload week. You’ll also learn how to rest productively. We also talk about our popular super accumulation program and super accumulation training.

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