Why You Should Exercise in the Morning

Can you tell me why you should exercise in the morning? My personal fitness coach said I had to do so, no questions asked.

But you have questions, so you’re asking me.

Yeah, like why not in the afternoon or evening? Why workout in the morning?

If you workout in the evening, you may be too pumped to go to sleep. In the afternoon, you’re probably too sweaty for your coworkers to tolerate by 5 or stink up the bus on the way home.

Let’s assume I’m working out in the morning. What is a good reason aside from easy personal hygiene?

If you go for a run or work out in the morning, your metabolism sometimes stays revved up the rest of the day. Though there isn’t aren’t studies showing that working out at 10 AM burns more calories than running at 2 PM.

I know people who swear they can’t get going without their 5 AM workout.

If you have trouble maintaining a routine, you have to workout first thing in the morning or you otherwise won’t make time for it.

But the prospect of having to workout in the morning makes me want to hit the snooze button.

Getting up and getting moving will wake you up more than a cup of coffee.

You need to try Starbucks coffee, or energy drinks. What’s another reason to workout in the morning?

Some people say it helps them regulate their appetite.

It certainly burns calories before you eat.

You don’t have to workout before breakfast, but having to finish the workout before you eat may make you pick up the pace.

What’s another reason?

Working out increases blood flow to the brain, increasing mental acuity for four to ten hours. So that morning routine makes you more productive at work.

And unlike Starbucks lattes, exercise is free.

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