Why Afternoon Jogging/Exercise Won’t Burn Fat

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Jogging or exercising in the afternoon does not burn fat like people think. Markus Rothkranz explains why.

If you exercise in the afternoon, after having recently eaten, you are not burning off fat because the body is using energy from your last meal…and not your fat. The body only uses fat as energy when there is no other supply. The key to loosing fat is to do cardio in the morning after having gone without food overnight. Professional weightlifters have used this method for years. It works!

Your body begins to use fat after about 12 hours of no food.
The researchers discovered that those who had exercised in the morning did not consume additional calories or experience increased appetite during the day to compensate for their earlier activity.
They also found that those who had exercised in a fasted state burned almost 20% more fat compared to those who had consumed breakfast before their workout. This means that performing exercise on an empty stomach provides the most desirable outcome for fat loss.

Key to losing weight is to cardio exercise in the morning after having gone without food overnight
Abstract. As part of the growing lifestyle diversity in modern society, there is wide variation in the time of day individuals choose to exercise. Recent surveys in the US and Japan have reported that on weekdays, more people exercise in the evening, with fewer individuals exercising in the morning or afternoon. Exercise performed in the post-prandial state has little effect on accumulated fat oxidation over 24 h, 24-h fat oxidation, when energy intake is matched to energy expenditure, energy-balanced condition. The present study explored the possibility that exercise increases 24-h fat oxidation only when performed in a post-absorptive state, i.e. before breakfast.

You can go days and weeks without food
After accidents, in which victims were trapped or buried alive, the question how long one can survive without eating and drinking often becomes a subject of public interest. Experiments with humans are ethically unacceptable. As an approach to the issue, this article also takes reports from the popular press into account. Altogether, it seems possible to survive without food and drink within a time span of 8 to 21 days. If a person is only deprived of food, the survival time may even go up to about two months, although this is influenced by many factors. The article describes the impressive case of a handcuffed 81-year-old man, in which the external circumstances are known.

The people who are jogging at 5:00pm in the afternoon think they are losing fat…they are not..
The second question is how can exercise be used to increase fat oxidation in those individuals who desire to use exercise to lose fat mass? For example, since the increases in fat oxidation are most pronounced in the fasted state, would exercising in the fasting state promote an increase in 24-h fat oxidation? This is an intriguing possibility, but it cannot be ruled out that there would be compensatory decrease in fat oxidation in the post-exercise period once a meal was consumed. Moreover, since fat oxidation is suppressed for up to 6 hours following consumption of carbohydrate, it is not likely that most individuals would find this to be an appealing option. …….

Fat oxidation over 24 h was increased only when exercise was performed before breakfast, control, 456 ± 61; morning, 717 ± 64; afternoon, 446 ± 57; and evening, 432 ± 44 kcal/day. Fat oxidation over 24 h was negatively correlated with the magnitude of the transient deficit in energy and carbohydrate.





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