What I REALLY eat for breakfast (hint: it’s NOT just juice)

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Hey Fitlifers

Welcome to another Saturday Strategy!

Today I want to talk to you about an extremely important part of my morning routine and something you should NEVER skip…


The word “Break fast” literally means to “break the fast”. You’ve been sleeping hopefully for at least the last 8 hours and your body is starving for food. You’ve been recovering and you’re hormones have adjusted to make sure that you can rest properly. Now it’s time to get your hormones working toward giving you plenty of healthy energy, and having your metabolism fire!

The typical American breakfast is so commercialized with sugar-coated cereals and other processed foods, it’s not wonder why obesity is at an all-time high…

Of course, you all know that I love to start my morning off with a big glass of Green Juice! Starting my day by feeding my body with all those incredible phyto-nutrients is something I can not go without.

That being said, there is something I also eat every morning that may shock you. I’ll talk a little more about that, but first, let me give you the ingredients for this week’s Break The Fast Green Juice.

Now, I told you that I don’t just drink green juice in the morning for breakfast. I also eat something that my body happens to respond very well to. This may not work for everyone, and as always, I suggest you eat foods that work with your specific body type.

This mystery food I’m talking about has been the source of controversy for years. But I’m here to tell you that this food, when eaten in the right portions, is actually beneficial for your cholesterol, can help fight against certain cancers, is one of the best sources of healthy fat, will give you long-lasting energy, and help you lose weight! What is this food???


I know that I may have lost some of you here, but please, give them a chance. They are absolutely incredible if they work with your dietary preferences. They don’t work for everyone, but for me, they are incredible. They’ve gotten kind of a bad rap, which I don’t think is deserving.

Eggs contain choline, which studies have shown can help fight against breast cancer. They also contain a ton of Omega-3 fatty acids, helping satisfy your hunger, curb cravings, and feed your brain!

Moreover, studies show that eggs are more beneficial to the cholesterol in your body, rather than adding cholesterol to one’s diet. Now, this is when eaten in the proper portions. Everyone is different and everyone’s bodies respond differently. Make sure you consult a doctor before making any major changes to your diet.

A research from Louisiana State University concluded that the egg breakfast enhances weight loss. The inclusion of eggs in a weight management program may offer a nutritious supplement to enhance weight loss.

Okay, now that you’ve let me babble on about breakfast, let’s get to who won the juicer!

This week’s winner is: Roxana Saez

I’d also like to dedicate this video to one of our members that has seen some incredible results and has been with our movement since early 2013.

This week Saturday Strategy is dedicated to: Nick Dave Foster

Fitlifers, if you want to grab the chance of winning the juicer next week like Roxana Saez, make sure you leave a comment on the blog to register. We want to hear from you!

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I know a lot of this week may have been new information to you, and that’s okay. Each week, I strive to give you content that is new and will further help you in your transformation journey.

If you find that you’re having trouble getting healthier. Trouble fitting into those jeans you wore back in high school. Trouble finding passion in your life…I’m here to help.

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In this system, you will finally eat foods that your body naturally wants you to eat. When this happens, you will find that it is possible to get in incredible shape, start living with a vibrant purpose, and help everyone around you find the exact same thing!

I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something that you can pass along to your loved ones. Help spread the word of health and I’ll see you right here, next week.

Remember, we’re in this together…

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