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Walking is a free, easy exercise that requires little effort, and benefits not only your physical but also your mental health. If you’re looking for a simple yet very effective way of losing weight and improving your overall health, walking is the best choice for you!
Muscle tone and weight loss are also achievable through simple walking. Find your optimal pace, but don’t break out into a jog. This sort of speed walking is low impact and doesn’t require any recovery time, which means no sore muscles to keep you from getting out and walking the next day.

Brain-boosting effect 0:40
Improved eyesight 0:53
Prevention of heart disease 1:24
Increased lung volume 1:42
Benefits for the pancreas 2:07
Improved digestion 2:29
A Perfect figure 2:43
Sturdier bones and joints 3:08
Back pain relief 3:29
A calmer mind 3:41

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