[Ultimate Combo] – Career & Success || Subliminal [Paid]

[Ultimate Combo] – Career & Success || Subliminal [Paid]

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*°✧ Affirmations ✧°*
1.      Extremely intelligent and successful in life
2.      Mental abilities, intuition and IQ increase every day
3.      Read, write, and type extremely fast and accurately
4.      Quickly and effectively solve difficult problems
5.      Understand & remember everything I read, hear, say, write, see, and dream 
6.      Easily & quickly learn, understand and retain anything
7.      Intuitively know correct information and answers
8.      Absorb and retain information at a rapid rate
9.      Excellent analytic skills to draw reasonable conclusions
10.     Have self love, happiness, self worth, gratitude, and high self esteem 
11.     Charismatic, confident, and magnetic personality
12.     Be classy, beautiful, sexy, fashionable, and irresistible
13.     Easily create great rapport with customers, colleagues, and managers
14.     Attract love, admiration, and respect from everyone
15.     Be ambitious and go after what I want
16.     Get rid of bad habits, negative thoughts, negative energy, and limiting beliefs
17.     Desired life (social, love, work, s e x , personal and financial life)
18.     Attract the perfect jobs and income opportunities
19.     Get my desired career & be extremely successful at it 
20.     Be extremely good & confident at job interviews, castings, meetings, and public speaking events
21.     Extremely successful at every plan, goal, task, or project I am a part of 
22.     Get desired salary, promotions, raises, bonuses, and recognition
23.     Be an effective writer, communicator, and public speaker
24.     Positive can do attitude/overcome any challenges/eliminate procrastination
25.     Boost productivity, creativity, efficiency, persuasiveness, willpower, discipline, and intuition  
26.     Develop excellent multi-tasking, problem-solving, and strategic thinking skills
27.     Develop excellent time management, communication, and organization skills
28.     Be extremely grateful for everything I have & receive
29.     Fluency in desired languages
30.     Use perfect grammar in any language
31.     Increase learning capacity and vocabulary
32.     Extremely successful at everything I do
33.     Stay awake & highly focused during class, meetings, training, presentations, and when reading/studying
34.     Attract celebrity friends and VIP
35.     Get huge fan following on social media
36.     Speak clearly, confidently, and effectively to varying audiences
37.     Mind is programmed for success
38.     Naturally attract good fortune and success
39.     Attract good people, things, opportunities, and situations
40.     Perform extremely well in all aspects of life

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