Travel to China – Morning Exercise in Xian (Part 2 of 4) spot Nicola

► Travel to China – 2019 – with Travelbay –
China is AMAZING – our customers love visiting and so do we. You can walk on the Great Wall, see Pandas in Chengdu, meet the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, cruise the Yangtze River…there are so many wonderful and fabulous things to do that it’s hard to fit it all into one holiday. That’s ok – you can always go back for another one, and it’s highly likely that after one visit you will want to!
We challenge you to watch this video and not smile. Here we are again in the park in Xian, China joining the locals in their morning exercise – can you spot Nicola?
We have a lot of fun travelling and putting together short videos to share our experiences, observations and tips.

For us travel (and everything) is all about people and our favourite way to travel is either by private tour or small group tours.

Travelbay is an Australia based online travel company run by Nikki and Nicola who feature in a lot of the videos.

Guess what, even better than travelling and making fun and interesting videos, we love arranging great value gorgeous holidays for our customers.
You can find heaps of information on our ► website or ring us on Australia freecall 1800 020 020 or +61 2 6619 2020.

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