Tony Robbins Morning Routine Priming Ritual Exercise Guided – Edited for 2019 (New York UPW)

This is an edited version of Tony Robbins’ guided priming ritual exercise.

It was edited in order to add more “silence” into it so you can go deeper to the gratitude and outcomes. Go deep in the imaginary exercise, feel it!

If you are new to this, make sure to watch the entire video here, where Tony goes through step by step what’s going to happen, how to get prepared:

There is also more time added to the outcomes sections so you can stay with those imaginary experiences longer to really create and feel the emotions, to make those a reality sooner.

This Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within(UPW) 2017 Priming exercise is the routine he uses to achieve the peak state within about 10 minutes.

This exercise is the combination of Tony Robbins guided meditation exercise with yogic “Breath of Fire” breathing techniques.

Credit: Tony Robbins
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Video notes:

0:01 – Step 0. You will start with 3 sets of 30 breaths with arm raised and breathing in to begin.

0:04 – Follow Tony and start immediately with “Breath of Fire” breathing technique that is often used in Yoga. You will get sensations of tingling, lightheadedness and you will feel peace.

2:29 – Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply towards your heart. Feel the gratitude for having received the greatest gift ever: your heart, your life. And for being alive and having your heart guiding you and beat a 100,000 times a day without having to think about it.

3:37 – Step 1 – For 3 minutes, a minute each, think of a memory a moment in your life you can feel deeply grateful for if you wanted to. Create a complete imaginary experience by stepping back in time and see it, hear it, touch it, taste it smell it, feel it, experience it like if you were there now.

3:47- Start with the first memory you feel really grateful for.

4:55 – Think of the second moment you can be incredibly grateful for.

5:55 – Think of the third moment you feel deeply grateful for.

6:49 – Step 2 – Relax your hands off your heart and imagine an energy flood coming through from above and filling you up with love, certainty, health, strength. It heals your body, heals your mind and spirit and strengthens the best parts in you.

8:46 – Take this energy you filled up within your heart and send it to people and fill them with it. Start with family members, friends and expand it to colleagues, business partners, clients, strangers, everyone.

10:27 – Step 3 – Think of 1 of 3 results, you want to turn into a reality. Create strong, emotional imaginary experiences. See these as done and celebrating it.

11:50 – Think of the second outcome you want to make a reality. See and feel yourself achieving it and celebrating it.

13:05 – Think of the third outcome, or goal you want to make real. Step in it like you are there and already happened or happening. See and feel yourself achieving it and being out of your mind with excitement gratitude and joy.

14:26 – Give gratitude: say thank you…

15:08 – Start to build the achievement, joy and energy inside. Feel grateful, happy and blessed.

15:25 – You can open your eyes and rise up.

16:34 – Unleash the soul!

“The Oneness Om” by Ananda Giri
“Flowers of the Forest” by Mike Oldfield

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