The True Cost Of "Success"

Everything has a trade off, and these are 5 things I’ve given up in pursuit of success – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Now my first “sacrifice” towards building my career was being okay giving up ANY type of consistency in my life…

For the last 12 years, every week I’ve worked different hours…I’ve worked different days…and I’ve made a different income. With that type of schedule, also comes a VERY inconsistent income…So that type of inconsistency is something, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you HAVE to get used to and accept. And you DO give up a sense of tranquility in terms of just knowing how much you’ll make and having some type of consistent, predictable schedule.

Secondly, given that type of unpredictable schedule, I’ve absolutely had to sacrifice a big portion of my social life in pursuit of my career…
When you’re working for yourself and setting your own hours, there’s never a time you “Clock Out” – and there always seems to be a shortage of hours in the day to get everything done that you need to do. There’s always the feeling that you could be doing a LITTLE more to get ahead, and because of that, you usually end up working a LOT more and keeping yourself VERY busy.

Third, one of my biggest personal sacrifices for the sake of “Success” – that I’m sure EVERYONE can relate to on some level – was giving up my “Free Time.”

I’m talking about time in the day where you can afford to just do WHATEVER…maybe a night where you browse TV for a few hours to see what’s on, or putting on a random movie, or just spending an afternoon taking a nap and lounging around. Because when you’re in the midsts of trying to get yourself ahead, doing that becomes a LUXURY.

When you start viewing every little thing you do as having an impact on the rest of your life, you start realizing how limited your free time REALLY IS when you’re trying to get ahead – and you treat it like a very limited commodity.

Fourth, another big sacrifice that I’ve had to make throughout the last 12 years…is giving up the ability to travel for fun and go on a vacation.

I’ve always wanted to take a few months off and travel the world…but I’ve always been at the point in my career where if I take time off, I’ll lose a LOT of the momentum I’ve spend years building up to. Positively, since I’ve chosen to delay my vacations, I could afford to now travel in much better accommodations than I could’ve 10 years ago…but even now, travel is incredibly difficult to do with my current schedule.

And lastly…my 5th sacrifice, which ties well into the fourth…is the delayed gratification of not giving in to immediate wants and desires.

Throughout my entire career, I have constantly delayed gratification, waited to buy things, lived below my means, taken less expensive alternatives, re-invested my money, and given up a LOT of luxuries for the sake of having more money to invest, and a better future ahead of me…those sacrifices weren’t always easy, but looking back, I wouldn’t have changed ANYTHING. Those sacrifices were absolutely worth it to get to where I am today, and I’m extremely happy with how it’s turned out.

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