The Secrets to a Happy, Successful Legal Career Part 1

In this fun and engaging session, Larry Port from Rocket Matter explores the science of success and happiness. This two-hour session demonstrates, with both lecture and interactive activities, how lawyers serve clients better, lead more fulfilling lives, while building a more profitable and successful career. Mixing personal anecdotes and his extensive research from from his own quest to build a happy and successful life, Larry will assist attendees to formulate their own plans to translate the lessons of the session into actionable steps.

This is part one of two and covers the science of happiness and the story of my journey.

* Introduce scientific research and findings related to contentedness.
* Identify the positive correlation between happiness and professional success.
* Teach and practice techniques to cultivate a positive mindset.
* Depart the session with a 21-day plan to build on lessons learned in this session.

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