The Real Bruce Wayne Revealed: The Power of Intermittent Fasting (4k)



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My name is Gregory O’Gallagher, I’m 24 years old! This is my story!!! If you enjoy the video, do me a big favour and give it a big, fat like.

A lot went into making this video, so I really hope you freaking dig it! We also shot it in super high definition, 4k resolution. So you can set the video to 4k mode for killer definition.

My idea was to do a film adaptation of two of my favourite movies, American Psycho and Dark Knight.. So basically Kinobody meets American Psycho, meets Bruce Wayne. This is what we came up with :)

Anyways, if you’re ready to join Kinobody! The first step is using the kinobody physique builder tool.

It took me a few years to put this thing together. The concept is there are 5 different physique categories you can fall into. Depending on which category you are in, you need an entirely different plan of attack..

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Huge thanks to my director, Michael Del Monte at
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The video!

In this video, I show case my approach to intermittent fasting to make staying lean and building muscle effortless. Intermittent fasting has been the most powerful health discovery I have made..

As well, I teach you my approach to training that works incredibly well at building strength and muscle..


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