The Perfect Morning Routine – Monkmode Challenge

16 Habits you should do EVERYDAY

1. Exercise
2. Meditation
3. Reading
4. Creative Recreation
5. Nutrition
6. Reasonable Spending
7. Brain Buster + Current Events
8. Social
9. Personal Management
10. Project 1,2 or more times a week
11. Podcast/Audio Books/ University Lectures
12. Language
13. Plan the next day
14. Sleep
15. Professional Development
16. Journal

*A Sample of My Morning Routine*

Wake up

.2 cups water/ tbsp Apple cider vinegar

.Meditate 10 minutes with (app headspace)

.Read/Coffee 30 mins

.Gym/ Jump rope 5 mins (Monkmode Workout routine) 10 mins cardio

. 10 minutes Sauna

.Cold shower (hot/cold)

.Get ready and leave early for work

.Listen to audio book on commute

. Get to work and turn my phone on airplane mode for zero distractions

.Plan out my day (Daily Dragon) and do the most important things first ( The One Thing)

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