The Happiness Epidemic – Catch it if you Can

Petra Kolber

Your success as a leader in this industry depends on your mindset. Join Petra in an interactive keynote that will challenge you to rethink everything you believe about being an agent for change.
What would happen if you never used weight loss as a goal but instead used happiness as the ultimate marker of success? What would happen if your clients or students got out of bed every morning excited and empowered simply by the thought of working out with you? And how would your day change if your work transformed from a job into a calling?
The Happiness Epidemic reframes the “Why” behind the workouts, and teaches you how to mobilize untapped motivation in both yourself and others. Discover how to exercise your gratitude muscle and strengthen your courage so that you are free to inspire your clients with a contagious desire to jump for joy and stretch for their dreams.

Train a body – change a body. Train a mind – change a life.

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