The 3 Most Important Stretches For Movement

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Today we share with you 3 of our most important flexibility stretches/mobility exercises for movement.

No matter what age or fitness level, you can start using these to improve your functional movement skills.

These are stretches and movements we have taken from our training in parkour.

Most of you are familiar with parkour. However, if you are new to our channel, parkour is an advanced movement discipline.

The goal of parkour is to efficiently go from one place to another using just your body to over come any obstacles you encounter.

You train efficient body movements such as running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and vaulting.

Through this training we discovered that most of these functional movements mainly require flexibility/mobility in 3 key areas.

It’s important to build flexibility and mobility through the whole body. However, if you are just starting or you only have time to focus on a few areas, these would be the 3 most important that we recommend.

I’d recommend training these exercises, twice a day, 5 days a week to get the best results.

Use these 3 stretches and you will notice a big increase in your flexibility/mobility for your movement skills & training.

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