Testosterone BOOSTING Workout without Weights

A testosterone boosting workout you can do without any equipment. Sure, weight training is optimal for boosting T levels but this workout without weights is a great alternative.

Increase Testosterone in 24 Hours


Testosterone levels nationwide have been dropping at an alarming rate since the industrial food revolution in the 1950s. This was the era when food manufacturers began producing foods with artificial ingredients and chemicals to meet the demands of a growing population.

While they were able to produce food in mass quantities and make more money in the process, men worldwide have experienced a sudden decline in energy, sex drive, ability to build muscle and burn fat.

A recent study by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association stated that OVER 80% of packaged foods eaten in the US every day are contaminated with ingredients that adversely affect your health and even lower T-levels.

Not only are our T-levels under attack, but making bad food choices means we’re silently boosting production of estrogen, the FEMALE hormone. Estrogen has the opposite effect of testosterone and can leave you flabby, weak and killing your sex drive.

Did you know that there are 3 HIDDEN ingredients killing your T-Levels and 3 more SECRET ingredients that are increasing your estrogen levels?!

The good news is you CAN do something about this and you can start NOW! It’s time to take control over your health and start to feel like the MAN you are!!!

Here’s how in this Testosterone BOOSTING Workout without Weights:

Foam roll & light cardio warm up
Ladder 1-10 Squat Jumps & Push ups
Ladder 10-1 Jump Lunges & Dips
GASSER includes burpees, sprints and jumping jacks

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Increase Testosterone in 24 Hours

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