Tahini Banana Toast | Breakfast Ideas | Kid Friendly Recipe

Delicious and nutritious Kids Breakfast Idea that your little children (and you) will love! This quick and easy recipe is simple to make any day of the week.

This is a healthy vegan recipe. This recipe is loaded with healthy fats and fibre to keep your little one full for a while.

Healthy breakfast idea that Mommy approves of and works for the entire family! ❤️



1. Toast 2 pieces of sprouted bread 🍞
2. Smear 1 tbsp. of tahini ❤️
3. Top with 3/4 of a sliced banana🍌
4. Sprinkle with some hemp hearts❤️
5. Cut into bite-sized pieces 🍴
6. Enjoy with little fingers 👶🏼


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