SwImming skills. 6 Hacks for a long successful swim career. How to swim faster.

Over 20 years of experience in the swimming world has taught me that there are 6 main skills for a long successful swimming career.
1- Adaptability 
Water is not the natural habitat for humans, so for swimmers, the more time you spend in the water, the better you will feel in it.

2- Technique
kinesthetic intelligence, mobility and breathe control are the most important factors for a good swimming technique.

3- Endurance
How long you can swim fast without stopping or slowing down is obviously important. Some of that is affected by genetics. However, this is what we mostly try to improve in our training. through intervals, rests, all-out swims, paces etc.

4- Mental balance
There are two components of a healthy successful mindset- Mental toughness and the ability to enjoy oneself.

5- Social skills 
The quality relationships you have with your fellow swimmers, competitors and coach will be one of the main reasons why you will continue to improve.

6- Skill transfer
The ability to transfer what you learn outside the pool and bring it in creative ways to improve your swimming will most likely be what distinguishes you from the rest.

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