Successful Career Tip #13
Million Dollar Career Tip #13

Hi, I’m Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is Million Dollar Career Tip #13

Working in the private sector gives you an opportunity to use all of your Million Dollar Career tips which should lead to promotions and raises

BUT, what if you work in the public sector

Be a teacher, cop, firefighter — work for the water or highway department

Obviously, any PUBLIC sector job — with a guarantee paycheck is a good job

However, be aware that the real “public’ THE TAXPAYERS are wising up and these public sector jobs —

especially the lucrative benefits — will NOT be as good in the FUTURE as they were in the past —

Very soon, these public sector jobs will fall more in line with private sector employment

BUT, hey, real world these public jobs are STILL pretty good

And, the odds are overwhelming that you didn’t just fill out an application to get a job with your city or state or the federal government —

Either you happened to fill some type of quota –

but again be aware that, as government budgets tighten,

that the old affirmative action game is losing momentum –

OF COURSE, if you had help getting a city — state or federal job – from a family member, a friend or a politician

this kind of SPECIAL preferential treatment – this FAVORITISM

is human nature AND will NEVER go away

So again, a smart person is always aware of any personal connections that can

Get them a job – And then

Help them advance in their careers

Also, be aware that since many public service jobs — NOT all but MANY – are shall we say “cushy” —

VERY very few public sector “workers” ever leave until retirement —

You are ambitious but YOUR advancement can be very slow — and promotion opportunities extremely limited

And, again, real world with many public employees in unions,

being a Hard Work may NOT be prized and sometimes frowned upon by your co-workers and even your supervisors

In unions and in the public sector

Career advancement may simply be a matter of SENIORITY

If you are one of my students, you will be investing in real estate so — part-time real estate investing will be your second job

Do NOT say that you have NO interest in real estate investing —

You are making a BIG mistake if you don’t watch my Real Estate Millionaire Tips

You will learn — that if you wish — you can make investments with

very little real estate management involved — for example, you can buy condos and have family, friends and co-workers as tenants

Here is the tip

If you can get a public sector job — seriously consider it

You still want to work 50 hours — if you can get overtime — great — otherwise get a second job

Spend the money from the first 40 hours to support yourself and your family

Live within those means

Put aside the other 10 hours of earnings for your real estate investments

Do this and be ready to retire in 20 years or less.

Basics — Basics – Basics

Our guiding philosophy

Our BASICS are the Action Principles

The Action Principles are in a book —

You want to own the book and start each day reading an Action Principle

Thank you and get back to work

Million Dollar Career Tip #13

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