Successful Career Tip #12
Million Dollar Career Tip #12

Hi, I’m Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is Million Dollar Career Tip #12

As an Action Principles Champion, it will ALL be good

You will have a GOOD job and be well compensated

The tip — the BASIC point is — what?

Keep the END — your objective — your goal —

in the forefront of your mind

Rich and retired in 20 years

Then, being rich and able to retire,

your life options increase in a very good way

As more and more AVERAGE people live financial lives –of desperation and frustration

YOU will be in CONTROL of your future

WOW — as those all around you are like bouncing balls — getting knocked around

YOU will be in control of your future

In 20 years, as a RELATIVELY wealthy person

If you LOVE your job, you can keep your job

If you don’t love your job,

if you want to,

you could buy a Blues club in New Orleans —

play the saxophone every night until 4 AM —

and chase pretty tourists down Bourbon Street

This is the POWER

This is the POTENTIAL of what I’m talking about

If you want this decadent life — it’s there

OR, you want to save the world’s zoos — it’s there

Your choice






KICK ass at your job —

Rise to the elite level at your job

Make money

Invest 20% of your money in real estate

Retire in 20 years or less

Do NOT say,

BUT, I don’t want to own real estate

Please, for yourself and your family —

DO NOT say this until you watch at least 50 of my Real Estate Tips

Let me teach you

The basics, the basics

Read an Action Principle every morning to set the tone for your day

Make a $20 donation and receive 2 signed Action Principle books

Thanks and get back to work

Million Dollar Career Tip #12

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