Successful Career Tip #11
Million Dollar Career Tip #11

Hi, I’m Martial Arts Master Bill FitzPatrick and this is Million Dollar Career Tip #11

Having a JOB — matters

Making money — matters

You MUST make enough money to

Pay your bills
Spoil those you love
Save enough to buy your 6 properties

The particular job DOESN’T matter

If you graduate from Princeton and are sitting at home on your ass playing Angry Birds, you are screwed

When you are unemployed, pretending you are doing something positive by going to the gym every day — does NOT count

As a tough Action Principles Champion, without any bitching, moaning, whining or complaining, you simply commit to doing what needs to be done

You do it for yourself

You do it for your family

You do it because it is who you are

Work one job — work two jobs — cobble together three jobs

Work 50 hours

40 hours for your present life

10 hours for your early retirement, your dream life


Get a job

Get your foot in the door

Network you way to an interview

Sell yourself

Do NOT be shy

You are a fast learner

You are a hard worker

You are a team player

You are a problem solver

You are a person of values and principles

You are a motivator with a positive mental attitude

If the interviewer chuckles at your boasting,

This is what you want

You MUST stand out — stand apart —

Be remembered

You want the simple chance to prove yourself

Put yourself forward —

Ask to be hired on a conditional basis


In 90 days, your managers will be singing your praises

Just give me 90 days to prove my words aren’t JUST words

Tell the interviewer that by hiring you —

that he or she will LOOK GOOD

Make them laugh –

With an ENTRY LEVEL job,

From DAY ONE — you are alert and aware

you figure out the ways of the company

you figure out who are the POWER players

Yes, you work your ass off

and make ALL of your co-workers look like slackers

This is YOUR job

This is NOT a popularity contest

MOST average co-workers are NOT ambitious and are only working hard enough to NOT get fired

You figure out what it takes to advance

If you are working hard but NOT getting the rewards you earn —

you have three options

1. Get another job where you are appreciated
2. Become a commissioned salesperson where your income is directly related to your effort OR
3. Start your own business

So, even if your present job is shoveling shit —

IF you are being paid enough to

Pay your bills
Spoil those you love

This SHITTY job is a GOOD job moving you forward toward the attainment of your goal —

a comfortable early retirement

Simply, this shitty job is a WORTHY MEANS to a comfortable early retirement

AND, accept the FACT

VERY few AVERAGE people will understand what you are doing

AVERAGE people may scoff because you work at Wal-Mart or CVS or mow lawns or drive a cab or bartend

Let them laugh

You will have the last laugh in 20 years

As my student YOUR goal is to make an eventual tax deductible donation totaling $285 and become an Action Principles Champion. If you can start by making a contribution of $5 or $10 now — that’s a start

and thank you — get back to work

Million Dollar Career Tip #11

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