Stiff Leg Barbell Good Morning Move | Back Workout

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Hey guys. This is Max Happer again for Outcast and today I’m going to show you guys how to do a stiff leg barbell. Good morning. You heard of good morning? All right. Well, basically, it’s going to be a barbell on your shoulders, locking your legs, keeping them straight, and leaning forward, and back up. ‘Ky? Now guys, I don’t recommend this exercise. This is a very old school exercise in terms of, I mean, just being in tune with your body. This is very old school. Now there’s no real need to do this. There’s so many other exercises that are going to be better, and way less risky. All right? So what I’m going to tell you guys again is use a very light weight. Very, very light weight. There’s no purpose in overloading this, because it’s very strenuous on your lower back. Okay? Especially with your knees being straight. When your knees are straight, there’s not a lot of support. When your knees bend, you can always use those hamstrings and your glutes to support yourself. But straight leg, different story. But this is what it’s going to look like. Okay?

I’m going to grab that bar, put it over my shoulders, hands out to the side, lock my legs out completely straight, and I’m leaning forward to the floor with my back straight as well. So I’m thinking of pushing my butt out on the way down. Standing straight up. Good. Nice and slow, in control. I’m going to show you guys from the side. Same story. Stiff leg, lean from the lower back, pause, back up, lean from the lower back, pause, back up, back down again, and up. Now in all reality, you get these same exact muscles when you do a regular dead lift, a bent knee dead lift. So I’d recommend doing those over this any day. This is something I leave in the tool shed, guys. But if you want to know how to do it, that’s how you do it. Okay? Stay safe, and have fun.

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