Stephen Curry’s Morning Workout | Steph Curry Vs Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook | NBA

The Oklahoma City Thunder travel to Oakland for the much anticipated showdown with the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. So can Oklahoma City become the first road team to win against the warriors at Oracle Arena this season?
Stephen Curry’s Morning Workout are one of the most intense NBA workouts.
But that doesn’t mean Saturday won’t be fun as hell. Let’s take a look at a few of the key matchups heading into one of the games of the season.The League’s current MVP wiped Washington off the map with 51 points (with 11-16 shooting from three), including 25 in the first quarter alone. He was so good the Washington crowd was going crazy more and more with each amazing shot.
Certainly more quietly recognised, Westbrook had himself something of a career night. 24 points, 19 rebounds (a career high), 14 assists, 2 steals and only 2 turnovers. With Russel westbrook and Kevin Durant leading the way for the OKC thunder and stephen Curry leading the way for the Golden State Warriors, this game on Saturday Febuary the 6th will be a NBA finals preview.

Russell Westbrook vs Stephen Curry
Kevin durant Vs stephen Curry

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Watch Stephen Curry’s AMAZING Pre game Half Court shots Here! :

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