Simple Strategies to 10X Your Career and Life

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Have you ever wondered why certain businesses don’t become a fortune 500 company? I believe it has something to do with the 0-100 rule. Not every person or streamer is the best boss to boost their business, some entrepreneurs are great at building/growing their business at certain stages of growth. Some people fit outside the norm and can grow a business from 0-100, Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson are good examples.

I would classify most twitch streamers and influencers in the 0-10 range, XQC is a good example, he started small and grew his stream to a large number of viewers but has not taken advantage of many other options he could to make money streaming. Most streamers can benefit from Influencer marketing but don’t take advantage of their streaming business on twitch. Many don’t know how to achieve success while streaming and lack a personal development plant that would benefit their business growth while streaming.

In this video we introduce an easy way to understand yourself in the context of the “0 – 100 principle.” Within this context you can understand how to build strategies that can 10x your results in business, career, and your life. This idea is also important because it lends to an important concept: how to build a team. Hiring a team is the difference between most people being independently successful and them being very successful. If you want to achieve great success, this is how to change your mindset to get started.


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