Setting SMART Goals: How to be Successful in Life (in Hindi) – TDIR 3

Know how to set SMART Goals to be Successful in Life. This is third episode of Goal Setting Training – Turning Dreams into Realities. This Video will guide you about setting SMART goals to achieve all your desires, wishes, plans and be successful in your Career, Study, Business and Life.

This Video is Success Training Video in Hindi which will help you to be successful in study, successful in life, successful in Business, Successful at everything including career and relationships. Once you get to know how to set smart goals, you will be able to gradually reach all your targets and achieve your goals. This Video is also Life motivation video as it gives you examples and tips to motivate yourself.

Following is the transcript of this life changing video:
In this Smart Goals Video, I will tell you what Smart Goals are and how to ensure that you have set Smart Goals to be Successful in Life. This Hindi Success Video starts with description and explanation of Smart.

S means Specific: Your Goals should be specific. Vague Goals will not give you ideas, confused goals will not give you direction, general goals will not give you plan of action, rough goals will not give you motivation. So make sure your goals are specific. If I say i want to go on vacation, but I have not decided – when, where and how. I will not be able to plan. But if I have a specific Goal – I want to go to Goa for vacation on 12 February. Now I will be able to plan my vacation, travel plans, leave management etc. Similarly, if you say – I want to be Rich, this is not a specific goal. You need to define at what level or capacity you feel you are rich. Goals should be specific.

Even if you want to be successful in study, make your goal specific. It is important for students to have smart Goals, otherwise they will not get student motivation and can not make time table efficiently. So your goals should be specific like – 95%, 85% 75% etc. To be Successful in Business, again goals should be specific. I want to increase my turnover to 3 Crore or increase of 30 percent in business turnover.

So make sure your goals are crystal clear, specific, tangible, so that you can visualize them, imagine them and understand your goals.

Further in this Success video in Hindi, I have explained that M stands for Measurable.
Even in Sports, there is goal setting for sports. If I ask you to run in a ground, but there is no finishing line, no lap count, no distance count. You will be puzzled as you will look for some measurement to count or compete or win. Similarly to be successful in life, we should have measurable goals in some terms – expression, quantity, number etc.

For ex. if you are looking for tips on how to save money in hindi. If you just set a goal of saving money, you will not be able to judge if you are successful in saving or not. Even if you save 10 rupees, you will be saving money. So you need to make it measurable that what is your goal for saving money.

Same applies to weight loss. If you are looking for weight loss tips in hindi, this video can help you in setting weight loss goals. Your goals should be measurable in terms of weight. How many kilos you want to loose, so that you can review and monitor your progress.

Further in this life motivation video, A stand for Achievable. It does not mean your goal should be easy to achieve. You should set challenging goals but you should have a hope that step by step you can reach your target. Goals should be challenging, otherwise your true potential and talent will not come out. If fresher thinks of Setting a Goal to be a CEO of a Multinational Company in 5 years, it is not achievable as to become CEO you need to have years of learning at different positions.

Further in this SMART Goals Video, R means relevant which means your financial goals, career goals, family goals, lifestyle goals etc. should be relevant to each other. They should not contradict and shall match your vision, purpose of life, desire and values.

Talking further in this motivational success video in hindi, T means Time Bound. There should be a timelines on your goals. It gives your urgency and commitment to achieve your goals. The timeline shall not be very short, as it will demotivate you, and shall not be very far as it will not energize you.

Now you need to go back to your goals sheet, and check if your goals are smart. You need to review, edit or add to your goals setting sheet. One more thing, when you are setting goals, make sure that there is one top goal in your goals sheet which is very special to you, very important to you, close to your heart. When you reach this goal, you should feel like crying like Sachin cried on India winning World Cup, like beauty pageant contestants cry on winning Miss World / Miss India / Miss Universe etc.

That is all in this Goal Setting Training in Hindi on how to be successful in Life by setting Smart Goals.

Himesh Madan
Motivational Speaker India

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