Sasha`s 3-minute program of the morning exercises

I suffered from body hardships such as problems with joints, spine, sciatica, discus hernia… for many years. By the help of God, doctors and people who are engaged with health, as well as my own efforts, I found the exercises that really can improve the quality of life and regain the ruined health. So, I want to share my experience with you and to show the healing exercises that really helped me to recover completely.

I would like to thank my best man Dusan Maksimovic, who recorded and prepared all these videos, as well as my english teacher Gordana Sekulic, who helped me with translation into english.

I apologize for my mistake – in the fourth exercise I should have said “side muscles” instead of “back muscles”.

NOTE: These exercises are not a receipt for everyone. The aim of making these videos is to show that every problem can be solved. I am not a doctor and I have no right to cure but to motivate through my own experience. The practice of these exercises is the personal responsibility of each individual.

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