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Ragi Porridge – Learn how to make healthy Ragi Porridge recipe with Truweight

Ragi is non-acidic and a gluten free food which is very nutritious and easy to digest. It is a powerhouse of health benefits and consists of nutrients that help in reducing weight and also acts as a treatment for multiple diseases like brittle bones, osteoporosis, anemia, and diabetes. It is one such rare cereal that doesn’t need to be polished and, therefore, can be consumed in its purest form with all its goodness intact.

The high amount of dietary fiber, when combined with water keeps the stomach fuller for a longer period of time. Ragi is low in unsaturated fats that make it the ideal cereal for those looking to lose weight. The abundance of antioxidants, mainly Tryptophan and amino acids in ragi help in fighting damage causing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress. Try out this healthy porridge that can be made for breakfast!

Method: https://truweight.in/blog/recipes/ragi-porrigdge.html

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