Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes – How to Prepare Chia Porridge

Quick & Healthy Breakfast Recipes – How to Prepare Chia Porridge – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

The next recipe that I will be showing you is a Good Morning Chia Porridge. This is an excellent way to start off your day with an awesome breakfast made out of the super food chia seeds. Chia seeds will actually help you keep full longer because they absorb liquid and move their way slowly through your digestive system. They actually pull out toxins from your digestive tract as they go. So it is really important to incorporate these into a raw food diet. We are also going to be using bananas, Goji berries, coconut nectar or a sweetener of your choice like agave or raw honey, some spices, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla powder, and some berries. I have chosen blueberries and strawberries, but you can choose any that you enjoy.

So first we are going to add about a cup of chia seeds into a large bowl. Then we are going to add our spices, today I have chosen cinnamon, vanilla powder and cardamom, you can choose any that you enjoy, but I think these are especially good. I have also chosen pumpkin seeds. These are great, super chewy and crunchy, but you can chose any nut or seed that you enjoy. Add your Goji berries, these have been soaked, because they were dry, so just soak those until they are soft. And then today, I have chosen to add, for our liquid, hemp milk. Now you can use any nut milk that you prefer. Hemp has a nice protein aspect to it, too. So if you are doing exercise in the morning, this would probably be a good choice for you.

We are just going to stir this together, and the chia will gradually start to absorb the liquid around it. I am now going to add our berries, the coconut nectar, you can also use raw honey or agave, I have chosen coconut nectar because it is great for people with blood sugar issues. And then last, I will incorporate my bananas. I choose to do these last because I want to keep them whole. And just gently fold those into the mixture. Now you can see that the liquid is starting to be absorbed by the chia seeds, and this will take about five or ten minutes to be done completely. Once the milk is absorbed into the chia, you can then transfer it to a serving bowl. And this feeds a family of about four.

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