Quick, Easy & Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Recipes

Today I’m showing you 3 quick, easy, healthy and totally delicious breakfast ideas. This is my first food video so I really hope you enjoy it since I would like to do more food inspired videos in the future. I hope you try these recipes out and if you do make sure to leave me a comment below telling me which one was your favourite.

Sorry it has been so long since i’ve uploaded a video. I really wanted to make good quality videos instead of a lot of rubbish ones. But I have worked really hard on this one so I hope you understand that high quality videos take a long time to make.

Hope you all enjoyed this video and that it has inspired you to eat little more healthy in the mornings. Any of these can also be used as snacks so feel free to make these to crush your late night cravings.

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Idella x

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