PUPPY YOGA with the FAMiLY!! morning exercise routine on last day of ultimate vacation! (now home)

our family is back home and healthy. stay safe friends

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Best Puppy Day Ever 1089

It’s our last day traveling and the we’re excited to head home and see Niko Bear. But this trip has been super fun, this hotel is amazing, our hosts have been so nice, and the activities they’ve planned for us are amazing!! And today doesn’t disappoint. But before we reach breakfast, Adley and I play the floor is lava in the halls of the hotel, and I almost become a lava monster forever!!

We head down for breakfast and know there is a surprise but none of us know what it is. We do some investigating, and find out that they have tons of puppies and we are going to do puppy yoga with them!! Adley is so excited, she thinks all baby animals are super cute and can’t wait to play around with them. We start to do yoga and dogs keep coming up to Adley and Jenny giving them kisses. Adley and I even figure out a way to do our family yoga routine with a puppy. All this little dogs make us want to get a new pet!

After we all get some exercise with the dogs, we head to our next activity, cake decorating and I think Adley has learned tons from all the pancake making and make over videos, because she decorate here own cake and it looks amazing! I’m so proud of her. We have a little time before we head home, so Jenny and Adley ride a carousel like you’d find at an amusement park and take it for a spin!

Back home and everyone is safe and healthy, don’t worry we’re playing it safe and staying in our house. But tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day, and we need to see if we can catch a leprechaun. So Niko, Aldey, and I set the trap before heading to bed!! I hope we catch something!!

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