Poha Recipe In Hindi- An Healthy Breakfast Recipe In Hindi From Indian Cuisine – पोहा रेसिपी

Watch poha recipe in Hindi in this youtube tutorial by Sonia Goyal. It is one of the most eaten breakfast recipe in Hindi from Indian cuisine ब्रेकफास्ट के लिए हेल्थी पोहा रेसिपी हिन्दी में देखिये.

Poha recipe is one of the most popular breakfast in the Indian homes. This is a light breakfast and a snack food which is quick to prepare and easy to digest. Poha is actually rice flakes which are eaten in India in may forms. This Poha recipe in Hindi is one of those recipes.

You need onions, potatoes, tomato, fresh green peas, grren chillies, peanuts,curry leaves and some indian spices to make this mouth-watering poha. However you can also use other seasonal vegetables including carrot, spring onions etc. It is a recipe whcih likes by every age group of person especially by kids. It can also be carried in lunch box easily.

Start your day with this yummy and tasty poha recipe shared here in Hindi!

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