Pi Point™ Method – "Wake up to your Body" morning exercise routine

DISCLAIMER: The following exercise is solely intended for members of the Nomadic School of the Senses who are currently enrolled in the Pi Point™ Method program. As with all physical activities, when using our excercise routine you need to use common sense as well. You might want to check with your doctor before beginning this or any other fitness program

Wake up to your Body – Pi Point Early Morning Routine

– Running in place (1 minute)
– Jumping jacks (7 repetitions)
– Butt kicks (8 repetitions)
– High knees running (8 repetitions)

Dynamic Stretching
– Lower back stretch (30 seconds)
– Waist rotation (10 repetitions)
– Warrior steps (14 repetitions)
– Phoenix rotations (14 repetitions)
– Boxing punches (14 repetitions)
– Lower back stretch (30 seconds)

– Push ups (7 repetitions)
– Quadriceps stretch (30 seconds)
– Push ups (5 repetitions)
– Quadriceps stretch (30 seconds)
– Plank (30 seconds)
– Side plank (10 seconds left and right)
– Cat and cow pose (5 repetitions)

– Deep fascia stretch (3 repetitions)

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