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Engage your children physically and academically as they learn their letter sounds with our exercise to the letter sound song, Letter Sounds Workout.

Educational studies have shown that movement and exercise increase oxygen to the brain for improved active learning. Your children will love doing this song over and over because it actively engages them with what they are learning. We keep the movements very simple so all children can easily participate. Letting our children experience learning with their brain and body helps them make deeper emotional, interpersonal and kinesthetic connections to the academic subject. According to Harvard Medical School’s Professor John Ratey, in a 2008 Education Week article, “physical exercise puts the brain of the child in the optimal position for learning.”

I say the letter sounds very clearly and accurately. I don’t extend additional sounds to the individual sound of each letter. Your children follow my suggested movements as they say the letter, the sound and a word beginning with the letter.

Teachers and reading specialists have guided us to say the letter sound before the word for your children to hear the initial letter sound starting the word. Our only exception is the using the word fox with the letter x, because the x in fox accurately makes the (ks – sound). Let your children have fun exercising and learning their letter sounds with Letter Sounds Workout.

Actively participating in this song daily will help your class achieve the Common Core and national standard of learning one to one letter sound correspondence.

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