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♥ Accepting and loving yourself is the biggest and hardest of challenges, but it’s also the MOST REWARDING! ♥ (▰˘◡˘▰)

These were just the start.

Before I end this video, I’m going to give you the ultimate challenge of all.

STop. Just don’t fall for these challenges. WHy? Because you can’t win! Look, I can wrap my right arm around my belly, but my left hand isn’t flexible enough. I have gap between my thighs, not because of some diet or exercise, but because that is the result of having a large bone frame, therefore wider hips.

Some years ago I had this fitness book of which the author used to be ballet dancer, so on one page there was this picture which she described as the ideal pair of legs. With the feet put together, you could place a coin at every part the legs touched each other. In total there were 4 coins. Seeing this, I couldn’t imagine anything else being more ideal than fitting 4 coins in 4 places between your legs. So eventually I checked, and according to the book I did not have the ideal legs because the only place I could fit a coin in was between my ankles. But I did have a thigh gap, so following this idea of a thigh gap not being able to fit in 4 coins would make my legs, still correct. I realised it doesn’t matter at all if your body fits a certain mold or not, because

– No one is going to be

I don’t like you as a person but you have a thigh gap so we’re friends


You’re rally nice but you can’t wrap your arm around your stomach so excusebut I have to keep myself distant form you

If you still meet a person like that run far away you don’t need that in your life

ultimately people aren’t going to remember your thigh gap but how you act and how you make them feel. But, while people being so immersed in not loving yourself because of challenges like that, you can easily forget about spending your time on things that truly matter, or even worse you won’t even be able to find out what matters to you because that is difficult when the center of your day is being dissatisfied with yourself,

So challenge yourself to feel confident no matter in which situation you are right now.

Love you guys and see you in my next video!

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