Overnight Oats / Weight loss Recipe / Healthy Breakfast

Overnight oats is a healthy Breakfast. Very easy to make and it’s also best suitable recipe for diet programs (weight loss). It’s a great delight for bachelors also.

• Mix all the ingredients together except fruits and nuts in a jar or box, cover it and keep in fridge overnight.
• Next day morning take it out & top it with fruits and nuts. Enjoy overnight oats as breakfast.
• If you don’t like it to have it chill then take and keep out of the fridge 2 hours before breakfast.
• Or you can prepare it early in the morning and have after 3hrs.

• Any fruits like Apple / Mango / Banana / Strawberry / Blueberry can be used.
• It is healthy to use plant based milk but you can also use normal dairy based milk.

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