[Official] Let’s Dance! The “on-chan Morning Exercise” by 10 Friends from 5 Asian Countries!

“Hokkaido Dream Quiz” February 28 1:55 pm on HTB
2月28日午後1時55分から放送「JCB presents第2回北海道ドリームクイズ~道内一周!!アジアの10人激闘記~」

10 challengers from 5 Asian countries (The Philippines, Vietnam, China,Thailand, Indonesia), participated in quizzes and games around Japan’s northernmost island to film the “Hokkaido Dream Quiz” TV program. During filming, they woke up early before the sunrise to try the “on-chan Morning Exercise” at Lake Abashiri!

The lyrics to the song are of course, Japanese. Can our young visitors from abroad master the last “Janken” move?

Be sure to watch the full version to see the results of their practice!

(Filmed on 10/21/2015 at 6AM – Filmed Location = Lake Abashiri, Hokkaido)

*The “Hokkaido Dream Quiz” with these 10 participants is an exciting show traveling around the island of Hokkaido. It is scheduled to air in February 2016 during the “LOVE HOKKAIDO” regular TV show time (Every Week Sundays at 6am on HTB). A special version will also be broadcast, titled as the ”Hokkaido Dream Quiz” and scheduled to air in February 28th at 1:55pm on HTB!

(撮影日時=2015.10.21AM6:00 撮影場所=網走湖荘)
※10人が参加した、北海道各地を舞台に繰り広げられた北海道ドリームクイズの模様は、2016年2月の「LOVE HOKKAIDO(毎週日曜あさ6時)」と「北海道ドリームクイズ特別番組2016年2月28日ごご1時55分)」で放送!

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