Nyzzy Nyce – Biggest Lessons on Building a Successful Career and Legacy as a Creative Artist

Join Peter Voogd during this exclusive interview with good friend and creative, Nyzzy Nyce as he shares his biggest lessons on building a successful career and legacy as a creative artist. Nyzzy is a rare breed of an artist who combines his sensibility for social entrepreneurship, altruistic nature, and passion-fueled lyrical ability to create infectious music. He says, “I do something, I fall into it, and I don’t stop.”

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About Nyzzy Nyce:
Nyzzy is from Fort Wayne, IN. Nyzzy’s music has been featured in movies, such as ‘Get Hard,’ ‘Beyond The Lights, & St. Vincent’ and he’s had placements in American Horror Story, MLB Tonight, NFL Network, NY Jets programming, BET & more.

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