No Barbell? Good Morning | Exercises to do at Home

This video focused on some ways to do the Good Morning exercise at home without a Barbell. The most important thing is to remember that this is a hip hinge exercise but because the weight is going to end up farther away from your hips, the downward force is greater and need more awareness and skill.

If you want to see how to do this with a Barbell with a wide stance for more Glute work, check out this video:

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My mission is about helping others see that physical exercise is about being fit for your purpose, rather than it being your purpose. I want to empower others to realise their own inherent value so that our challenges become expressions of our wholeness, not constant reminders of our “brokenness”. Through questioning and vulnerability, I want to challenge you to think beyond your outer self.

My question to you is: if your body “failed you” tomorrow and you could no longer physically do the things you can do today, how would you feel about who you are (your identity and your worth)?

This is something I have struggled with and had to face head on. All of my identity was tied up in how I looked and what I could do until my body let me down. It has been extremely challenging for me to change my narrative and accept that I can still be and do everything I am meant to do because my purpose goes beyond what I can personally achieve; it’s about helping others reach peace within their purpose and inspiring them to express their gifts for the world to share in.

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