MORNING workout | Clean Week – Day 4 – ACTIVE FLEXIBILITY

Clean week = morning workout + nutritional diet

Today’s exercise was a recovery stretch, so it wasn’t as challenging for me! I decided to re-introduce the 10 minute Alexis Ren ab workout into my exercise routine, which also includes what I have to drink/eat afterwards! The video link will be here:

SPECIAL NOTE: Some reached out to me because the concern on my body weight as I haven’t been this thin before. I didn’t realize how much it would concern people – to be honest, I have not been able to eat as much as I should have over the past few months due to personal reasons, but I’m taking a step at a time to be healthier =) Thank you for rooting for meeeeee! This exercise is helping me be accountable to eat healthier and build muscle again =)

This is a week long clean week program to establish a morning routine and get back into exercising daily.

What are your goals for this new year?
Mine is to be confident and to share my message with you all!

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