Morning Squat Workout // Booty Builder [VLOG]

In today’s vlog I show you a morning workout I did, right after getting up out of bed. It was a squat workout by OM_TWINS. Two lovely Vegan chickas, check them out on instagram here:

Next to that I worked in a Cafe, and made a quick healthy dinner. At the end I share with you some things you can do when you wake up first thing in the morning!


Vegan Japanese Food and Yakuza Film

What I did on Kingsday👑 + [ Not Vegan :( ] Domino’s Pizza 🍕

5 Easy Steps to be Happier & Healthier | VLOG

IT REALLY WORKED! + Vegan Japanese Curry Rice 🍛

I Was Struggling! + My Favorite Street Casey Neistat Style

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