Morning Glow (9×12) / Small Oil Painting Exercise / Early Encore Edition

Short Clips from the out of print, instructional painting DVD using oils on a small canvas. For PALETTE INFO & ILLUSTRATED PAINTING NOTES, click on the following link: Happy viewing and God Bless! ….Please see the COMPLETE DESCRIPTION. Click on SHOW MORE.

Music: YouTube Audio Library

Traditional Oils were used in the original DVD which is out of production and no longer available. I now use Water Mixable Oils in my studio with the same results. Highly recommended!

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This video is shared for your viewing entertainment and is not intended as a full painting tutorial. However, the link to Palette info & Illustrated Painting Notes is provided in response to viewer requests.

This channel is dedicated to the memory and works of the great TV artist William (Bill) Alexander, who re-introduced alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil painting to the world; and to the memory and works of his best known student, Bob Ross, who followed in his footsteps.

Have fun, enjoy, and don’t take anything too seriously!

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