Morning Exercise #16 – Fruit Ninja with New Swords!

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So I guess I unlocked some new blades yesterday!

On a very special Daily Morning exercise workout Routine in VR, we put those new blades to work!

Also, we pump up the jams!

I’m giving up on trying to keep everything squeaky clean in the hopes that these videos will one day be monetized by YT. If you want to help, you can always visit my Patreon, which is probably the most helpful thing you can do if helping is your thing!

Helping you guys get some exercise, and proving it can be done in VR is my greatest contribution to society. I’m not expecting a medal or anything, but I hear Nobel is handing them out like candy!

But in all seriousness. I do live in a trailer down by the creek, and I would really love to get a small studio and some new equipment, maybe an actual greenscreen…



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