Morning at the Lake (5×7) / Small & Simple Oil Painting Exercise

Small, fast, and simple (5 x 7 inch) impromptu painting exercise using water mixable oils. This happens as it goes, so have fun and don’t take anything too seriously! Happy viewing and God Bless! …QUESTIONS?….Please see the COMPLETE DESCRIPTION below. Click on SHOW MORE.

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This video is shared for your viewing entertainment and is not intended as a painting tutorial. However, the following information is provided in response to viewer requests and is only approximate.

CANVAS PREP: A 6 x 8 inch canvas board has been masked to 5 x 7 inches. Then, a very light layer of water-thinned Titanium White has been applied.

PALETTE (Water Mixable Oils – Assorted Brands)
Titanium White
Indian Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Deep
Yellow Ochre
Alizarin Crimson
Dioxazine Purple
Phthalo Blue
Van Dyke Brown or Burnt Umber
Ivory Black
Water (for thinning and cleaning)

Light Mixtures = Titanium White + one color added bit by bit
Dark Mixtures = one color + Black added bit by bit
All other mixes and blends are done on the canvas as shown.

Assorted sizes of Bristle Flat Brushes (value pack)
Small Filbert Brush
Small Bristle Fan Brush
3/4″ Soft Flat Brush
Soft Blending Brush
Small Wide Angle Palette Knife
Pointed Palette Knife
Script Liner Brush
Dead Bic Pen (for scratching)

Feel free to vary the size, colors, and brushes to suit. You may also use regular oils with the same results. Acrylics and watercolors may be used, but with results characteristic of their physical properties.

Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions, cautions, and warnings for all products used to complete this exercise to ensure their proper and safe use.

This channel is dedicated to the memory and works of the great TV artist William (Bill) Alexander, who re-introduced alla prima (wet-on-wet) oil painting to the world; and to the memory and works of his best known student, Bob Ross, who followed in his footsteps.

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