Mom’s morning exercises

This was one month after my Mother’s 91st. birthday and two heart events. She had a heart attack on 2015 April 02, Thursday. She was released from the hospital on April 07, to a nursing facility. I brought her home on April 13, with hospice care.

The next morning, April 14, Tuesday, on the way to the bathroom, my Mother collapsed. My Mother is DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). She has been DNR since her will was up-dated in 2008. This meant no intubation, no chest compression’s. And this means no surgery, no pace maker. My Mother lived through the heart attack with the aid of medication, only, mostly, heparin and aspirin. And this was true with this collapse. EMS arrived, took her to hospital. The Doctors diagnosis was VT, Ventricular Tachycardia,
We thought, for a second time, my Mother would not survive. But she did.

She recovered enough to come home, with hospice. And she recovered in spite of hospice. I took this video on 2015 May 24, Sunday. I just got around to up-loading it today, 2015 December 13. My Mother is still doing her exercises, she is now up to 20 reps. of each. And she is doing light weights, 2 1/2 lbs. each hand, curls, over her head and punch outs. She also walks around the block, about 1/2 mile, using the wheel chair as a walker so she can sit and be pushed when needed, which isn’t often. My Mother is a Tough Old Broad.

My Mother is WWII veteran. She worked for the Erie Railroad, then Erie Lackawanna, and then Conrail. And the most difficult of all…raising me. And she still has one heck of a back-hand.

The physical therapy was my doing. Not medical and certainly not hospice. Not covered under Medicare or the VA. I did it because all the information I could find said she should. I would like to add, My Mother, before her heart attack, ~2002, has A-Fib. (Atrial Fibrillation),
and has been post diagnosed, on three separate occasions, experiencing TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack), She also has age appropriate dementia, , which for my Mother means, asking her to balance her cheque book and she won’t be able to. Tell her about your children, and she’ll remember a year later. I write all this to encourage others in similar circumstance to get up, get out and get moving. It will make a difference, mentally and physically. One more thing NO SALT.

My Mother is on a no added salt diet. This was harder than getting her to exercise. Please read the labels of the food you buy, you’ll be amazed at the salt content. If you eat out, the small family style restaurants will likely use much less salt and do a lot more cooking from scratch that the national chains.

Please know that there is great difference between, DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) and comfort care.



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