[mic test] Cooking Breakfast with Fidel (college project, again)

Just a filler video whilst I think of ideas for more Kanon rants. Also, credits in the description.

Today, Fidel IMCDCR Alcazar will show you the crudely done Fidelese-Filipino method of cooking french toast. Also, this video is shit; blame Mr Acuin for forcing us to show at least one portion of our faces as some sort of proof of original content.

Also I ended up using this as a sort of way to test my mic. Seems like I need some more practice to make this video less cancerous.


Kagerou Imaizumi blank whiteboard – http://bit.ly/2cwy8E1
Saint George – http://bit.ly/2cGUGfU
Slav gargoyles – http://bit.ly/2cgdvug

Spongebob Time Cards – http://bit.ly/194yqdi
Medieval 2 Total War Battle of Agincourt – http://bit.ly/2cNt78o

Medieval 2: Total War – Amen – http://bit.ly/2cGXqcO
Gunslinger Girl – Ti Amo – http://bit.ly/2cu25zk

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