Metabolism Boosting Busy Morning HIIT | 20 Min Full Body Workout

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Workout Breakdown: (burns about 200-300 calories)

Complete 1 round (50:10)
1) toe touch jacks
2) bodyweight squat and reach
3) bird-dog
4) glute bridge
5) heavy sumo squats
6) squat jump with leg lift (right leg)
7) heavy sumo squats
8) squat jump with leg lift (left leg)
9) elevated pushups
10) frog plank jump with bicep curl
11) squat and press with 2 X hops
12) commando plank with 2 plank jacks
13) Bulgarian (right leg)
14) power step up (right leg)
15) bulgarian (left leg)
16) power step up (left leg)
17) manmakers
18) box jump burpees
19) KB swings (heavy)
20) jugglers

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