Mark Gergis – Morning Exercise In the Coded Ether

A track from the 2015 album “Radio Vietnam” by Mark Gergis on the Sublime Frequencies label.

You can purchase the album here:

Boomkat described the album thus: “A fascinating insight to Vietnamese radio – crammed with electroid jingles, news excerpts and haunting folk songs – recorded, compiled, sequenced and assembled by Mark Gergis on location between 2013-2014.

This disc continues the Sublime Frequencies locale-specific radio collage series with Vietnamese radio recordings culled and assembled from signals received in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City between December 2013 and November 2014.

Inside the programme are moments of outstanding folkloric, traditional and pop music – including performances on the electric guitar and the dan bau (one stringed guitar-like instrument), eclectic Vietnamese folk and rock stylings, dramatic effects-laden radio theatre and musical segues, new wave pop forays, traditional percussion and vocal chants, news segments, dynamic radio bumpers, jingles and advertisements, comedic interludes, phoned-in karaoke sing-a-longs, English-language programming, early-morning exercise regimens, and coded messages from the outer ether.

The grand total sum of these radio recordings doesn’t aim to present a certified ethnographic study of contemporary Vietnam. Rather, the material here aims to distill and replicate the excitement, engagement and discovery gained during heavy exposure to Vietnamese broadcasts over an eleven-month period during the teenage years of the twenty-first century.”

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