Little Fiat big problems + Model contest + Morning exercises

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Little Fiat big problems: Mia is on her way to a shooting. The little Fiat 126 needs some tries to come to life. After this Mia gives him a revving to wake him up. But something sounds strang?? Mia checks the engine and notices that there is no v-belt?! Will she be in time for her shooting??

Model contest: Today there is an important model contest. Denise lives far away and so she arrived yesterday and spent the night in her car – to be in time today. She gets dressed – a short skirt, black stockings, black high heels. She puts on fesh make-up… Now she is ready to drive off. But – oh my god – this damn car does not want to start! She tries again and again – will she reach the contest in time?

Morning exercises: This sunny morning Fanny is going for a jog. With her red Golf II sahe drives off to the country. After some stretching and an exhausting jogging she wants to drive home for breakfast. But first she must take off her sweaty sneakers. Barefoot she wants to start the car. But what a disaster: The engine only cranks. Fanny is trying hard – barfoot, with sneakers … without any success! May a look under the bonnet help?

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