JukeBox Fit – I Should Know You Better – Relaxed Morning Workout

Build On Freedom take you through a Choreographed workout to the tune I should Know You Better by The Prides.

One Song, One Workout, Once A Day, That’s all you need.

This is a Relaxed Morning Workout.

We believe all you need to do per day to be healthier and fitter is a One Song workout. Then you are done. You could do this workout twice or go try some of out some of other workout routines here on the channel and push yourself to the next level of fitness.

DISCLAIMER – PLEASE READ BEFORE STARTING JUKEBOX FIT ROUTINES – This is a Level 1 routine with high impact movements. Designed for people who have a background in exercise. A knowledge of correct technique and without current health issues effected by high cardiovascular work and through joint movement.
Consult your Health Professional before attempting any of Build On Freedom’s JukeBox Fit routines.
Owen Morgan is a fully qualified Personal Fitness Trainer. Massage Therapist. Kinesiologist and Bio Mechanics Coach.
Any questions at all contact us at askbofman@gmail.com

IMPORTANT – Have fun and remember to warm up with fluid dynamic movements and cool down post workout with static stretches (holding). Hold for at least 15 seconds per stretch.

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